Despite a terrible loss to the Raptors to finish out the first half of the season, the Knicks had a great first half, easily their best in years. 

At 32-18, the Knicks have had their best first half in years. As of today, they have already surpassed their win total in the 01-02, 05-06, 07-08 and 09-10 seasons. Besides being well on their way to erasing some bad memories of about a decade of futility, the Knicks also find themselves among the best teams in the league.

As of the break, they find themselves leading the Atlantic Conference and 2 overall in the East, behind Miami and 7th in the entire league.

In addition to their feats as a team, their star player, Carmelo Anthony, is leading the league in scoring, the first Knickerbocker to do so since Bernard King in 1985.

As great as this season has been so far, we all know that a good first half isn't the goal of this team. The players have Larry O'Brien stickers on their lockers at Madison Square Garden to illustrate their goal, and it is certainly an obtainable goal. Sure, this team has some weaknesses, but those will likely be addressed as more players return to full strength. 

Here's to an even more exciting second half, and a deep playoff run, hopefully leading to a parade this summer.