For the first time in probably over a decade , the Knicks are not sellers at the trade deadline and are likely standing pat .

They are dumping players for next year 's salary cap , and they aren 't taking on expiring contracts for some scheme that will land a star player in a year or two . Instead , they seem to be sticking with what they have , at least according to Mike Woodson

I truly hope this is the case , firstly because I like the group the Knicks have right now . Could it improve ? Of course . Teams can always improve . However , given what is out there right now in the trade market and what it would cost , I think the Knicks 'best move would be to stand strong and ride what they have .

It may be getting old by now , but the Knicks are due to get a few injured players back eventually in Rasheed Wallace and Marcus Camby . I 'm not suggesting that either of these guys are the X -factor , but both are big -man veterans with a defensive mindset .

If I haven 't convinced you yet , let 's look at a few of the trade scenarios floating around and how terrible they really are .

One of the bigger reports gaining momentum today in a tweet from Alex Kennedy suggests that the Knicks and Orlando Magic are in talks to potentially swap ImanShumpert for JJ Redick .

Sure , Redick is having a pretty solid year , averaging around 15 PPG , but he 's on a terrible Orlando team where he is one of the main scorers . What good would it do throwing him into this Knicks squad ? He would never come anywhere near the scoring power of Carmelo Anthony, even J .R . Smith averages more points per game .

Also , the benefits of keeping Shumpert over trading him for a player like Redickoutweigh the costs . Shumpert is six years younger than Redick , and he has a much larger frame (according to ESPN , he weighs 220 to Redick 's 190 ) . I know weight doesn 't mean a ton in the NBA , but a large defensive body is always a plus . We already know Shumpert is a great defensive player . We saw it last year , and the Knicks just need to be patient with him . He had a pretty substantial knee injury last year , and it will take time for him to heal and feel 100 percent , not just physically , but with confidence level as well .

 Instead of a trade move , I think the Knicks would benefit more from signing free agent Kenyon Martin , as Kennedy said last week on Twitter . Martin played with 'Melo in Denver , so we know there is compatibility there . Sure , he is 35 , but Martin plays with grit and aggressiveness , something you can never have too much of (unless , of course , he starts getting too many technical fouls ) .

The Knicks made the mistake for years of trading young talent away for a veteran player , but Woodson and the Knicks really like Shump as a player , so I 'm hopeful and daresay even confident they will not trade him .

The Knicks have a must -win tonight as they kick off the second half of the season at the Pacers tonight . Tipoff is set for 7 :00 p .m . ET .