If you're like most fans, you are probably wondering why the NBA has schedule such large breaks between games in the 2013 playoffs. Sure, they have to factor in travel days, but it seems crazy when the Knicks and Pacers are sitting around Wednesday to Friday waiting for a pivotal game 3 in Indiana. 

At first glance, this is annoying, maybe even at second glance as well. But, if we look at the rosters of the two teams, and the fact that the Knicks along with the Spurs are the two oldest teams in the playoffs, it may not hurt. 

Disregarding age, even our young superstar Carmelo Anthony is clearly a little banged up with his shoulder, no shock when he gets mugged on every possession with few calls coming his way. 

So, maybe this is what the Knicks need. The series is evened up, and now they have had these few days to rest up and get their bodies back a little closer to 100% health, although we know that doesn't really happen this late in the season. 

There's still a long road ahead of the Knicks, and all hands are on deck. Those hands need to be healthy, and these days will surely help.